Samuel L. Wood

I'm Sam

There's not all that much to say about me. I'm a guy from North Raleigh, and I have a hobby of tinkering with computer stuff sometimes. I'm currently a computer science student at NC State University.

What is this site?

This website is hosted from a cheap VPS I rent, and I'm trying to learn how to cleanly write nice looking webpages without some kind of graphical aid that generates the HTML and CSS for me. Those are nice and all, but the source they generate usually isn't even meant to be viewed by humans directly; it's not very readable, fine adjustments are often far more complicated than they should be, and they are prone to breaking when exposed to unexpected browsers, screen sizes, etc.

Setting it up has also taught me a bit about how websites fit together with DNS, web server software, directory structure, and more recently, TLS. It's really not super complicated, and I encourage anyone who's interested to give it a go on a home computer.

The design/"inspiration" for this site is primarily based on that of If you're interested in software, definitely give it a look—lots of good and interesting stuff to think about and very useful tools.

Things I put here:

  • Information about/links to things I work on
  • Various downloadable files (GPG keys, etc.)
  • A "blog" page where I record some things that go through my head
  • Some images that I like to have easy access to