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Attention:Any potential employers who have come to assess this website, please understand that if it looks a little old school, that is on purpose. The biggest problem with the Web today is too many bells and whistles; I prefer to keep it simple.

A photo of Sam Wood.


However it is that you stumbled upon my corner of the Internet, feel free to take a look around. It’s certainly not the biggest site, but I’d like to think it’s got some of useful things on it.

As for me, I’m just a guy from North Raleigh with a a hobby of tinkering with computer stuff sometimes. I recently graduated from NC State University. If you’re hiring at the junior level, please feel free to contact me!

What is this site?

At this point, it’s mostly just for my own enjoyment and experimentation, but there are other factors that keep me paying the bill for the domain name. For one thing, it gives me a piece of Internet real-estate outside the domain of places like Facebook and Google. Setting up a website (from the ground up—not with a CMS or something) is definitely something I recommend that people try out; it’s easy and fun, and you learn a lot about how the Web and the Internet work.

Aside from that, every once in a while, I’ll take on a project and find that it’s difficult to find a good, complete, accessible guide for it online, and I’ll write one and put it here. Same thing if there’s a little script I write that I figure someone else might find helpful or instructive.

Then there are just some other miscellaneous things that I put here to have easy access to them or to share with friends or family.

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